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official site of the book "Rider"

welcome to the mythos a place of art and sharing ones ideas. right now we are doing a project to make a book series, so please be sure to drop by the forums and say "hi"






update: 4/22/08

Aaaaand back to the dark and gloomy/badass design for the site, I cant help it, I like this design. Im also revamping and updating all the links on the site, the forums have migrated their way back to php2 =P sorry I cant do PHP3 yet. just too many bugs. also =3 I'm still tired of neglecting this site so be ready for quite a few changes! XD



so far the Rpg news is:

Forran, dead. The kingdoms, Devided. Vracken now leads neckoria towards conquering Syora entirely. New heros rise, and some old ones return, can these few guardians become our saviors? only time will tell.

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